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  1. Heeey….. don’t even know your name. Last weekend i had guests (in-laws!!) who i really wanted to impress. Your blog was a real life saver. I like so many things about it; the photo illustrations that follow the instructions, the fact that you talk about ingredients that are actually in MY house (or in Nakumatt, or marikiti nearby) and the fact that I don’t have an oven did not stop me from making wonderful meals. So thanks. I am now a faithful follower. You have made me see that I can make great meals, everyday, without breaking the bank, or spending any extra time in the kitchen. Thanks so much dear, on behalf of the very busy working mums like me. Maybe some more fish recipes??

  2. Hey,

    Let me start by saying your blog is amazing. Since discovering it, i now enjoy cooking which was like condemnation for me. At work i check out your blog and plan what to surprise my hubby with…….however i have a tiny tiny request for cauliflower and broccoli recipe which are my hubby’s favorite and yet i know not how to make them. This will be of great help.It might just win me a second honeymoon LOL.


  3. I had about your blog on the am live show and decided to have a look at it. Amazingly, it is has very simple instructions and illustrations too that anyone can follow. The ingredients are also easy to find. I am now an avid reader of your blog. However, i wanted to ask if there is something else you can use in place of bell pepper. Thanks in advance.

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