Did someone say Chinese?

I’ve never been to a Chinese restaurant (hubby, hint ,hint) but I know they are big on rice, Egg fried rice to be specific. this is something I like preparing when I have leftover rice. It’s normally a pleasant way to eat it other than just warming it up.

Let me first warn you that this recipe is my own creation meaning it could well not be Chinese rice :-). According to me what makes it Chinese is the soy sauce and eggs, which I think  are a staple in the Chinese rice.

What you’ll need:

2 cups of steamed rice (preferably cold)

3 sausages

2 eggs

1/2 white onion chopped

5 cloves of garlic chopped

1 teaspoon of ginger chopped

3 small carrots diced

1 hoho (bell pepper) cut into strips

1 eggplant (aubergine) cubed


Black pepper

Dried herbs

3 drops of soy sauce

Oil for frying

rice,soy sauce,carrots, eggplant,hoho,onions,ginger and garlic

This dish is best prepared with a wok and in the case you don’t have one like me, you can use a pan.

First the sausages, I removed them from their casing then I broke down the sausage meat.

Heat some oil in the pan, then add in the sausages.

The sausage meat

Let them cook for about 5 minutes then set aside.

In the same pan using the add some little oil.

Scramble the two eggs.

Scrambled eggs

Then set aside.

Now for the complete dish.

In the same part toss in your onions,garlic and ginger. Remember to season with salt and black pepper.

Onions frying

Let the onions cook till golden then add in the veggies (carrots,hoho and eggplant).


Keep stirring the mixtures to avoid them sticking onto the pan. Once they are tender but carrots still crunchy add in the sausages and scrambled eggs.

add the sausages and eggs

Stir the mixture, then add the rice . Drizzle with soy sauce and add the dried herbs, I used sage (still out of parsley) O-o.

In goes the rice

Since the rice is already cooked you just want it to get hot.

Dinner is served. Bon Appetit!

In the event you are allergic or don’t like eggs you  can eliminate them from the recipe. You can easily make it vegetarian by eliminating both the eggs and sausages.

What do you do with your leftover food?


The veggies added the crunch in the rice and the alternating tastes of sausages and eggs was very pleasing.

If I could do it over again:

Probably add more seasoning, especially the black pepper


Herbalicious Potatoes

Potatoes, roasted, fried or baked , who doesn’t love them?

This past weekend I debated whether to prepare chapatis or potatoes. Well potatoes won, and that is because hubby wasn’t around to influence the voting otherwise chapatis would have won pants down hi hi hi.

Since, we love potatoes that much, I try to prepare them in the most healthy way possible, so I normally bake them.


Lots of patatoes peeled and washed

Dried herbs: sage, rosemary, thyme or whatever you have on hand


Black pepper

4 teaspoons of oil

When baking potatoes, I prefer boiling them first so as to give them a head start when it gets to baking.

Cut the potatoes into wedges like so;

the wedges look more like chips, but they are wedged

Place the potatoes in a sufuria, add water upto the level of the potatoes. Season generously with salt, black pepper and some of the dried herbs.

Let the water come to a boil or till the potatoes are almost done.

Drain the potatoes.

Remember to  pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees C

Take your oven tray, line it with some aluminium foil, this is to prevent sticking onto the baking tray and also makes clean even faster.

Grease the foiled tray with the oil the sprinkle some of the herbs. Place the potatoes in the foiled tray. Ensure they are on a single layer then sprinkle the remaining herbs and pop it into the oven.

in the oven

I let my potatoes bake, till the outside was golden and all crispy.

The herbalicious baked potatoes


Currently I’m out of parsley and hence the use of other herbs, but on normal occasions I’d prepare this with parsley instead of sage.


Delicious, the potatoes were not only crispy but full of herb goodness. They have to be the best baked potatoes I’ve made thus far “yippee” .

If I could it do over again:

Increase the quantity of the potatoes 😀 . We just couldn’t get enough of them.

Egg Sandwich

 This Saturday was a bit different, I woke up a bit late and I had no clue of what to prepare for hubby as he was going to work. Luckily, I had some bread, eggs and dhania so I decided to make a simple egg sandwich.


6 slices of bread

Margarine/ Butter

3 hard boiled eggs

A handful of fresh coriander/ dhania leaves

Black pepper


Some dried herbs

The only time consuming part of this recipe is the boiling of the eggs.

Place the eggs in a sufuria with water and bring the water and eggs to a boil. I don’t have a measure of knowing if they are fully done, I just give them 15 minutes to boil.

Since, we are yet to acquire a toaster, I toasted the bread the ‘kienyeji’ way.

boring looking bread

Apply margarine or butter on the bread then place it in a pan, butter side down. Wait for around 2-3 minutes and voila, your bread will be toasted and all crusty. Repeat this for all the slices, just toasting one side, or you can do both for more crunchiness, I just did one side.

Set the bread aside:

The charred parts are the most crunchy

At this point the eggs are done, drain over running water, let them cool then remove the shells.

The hard boiled eggs and dhania

Chop the eggs and put in a bowl and add the chopped dhania. In case you have fresh parsley you substitute the dhania with it.


Season with salt, black pepper and dried herbs, I used sage though parsely would be more preferable.

Then assemble the sandwich.

Take two slices of the toasted bread fill the insides with the egg and dhania mixture and voila breakfast is served.

Doesn’t it look yummy?


It was a hit :-). Hubby loved it, mentioning that he didn’t know hard boiled eggs could be served like that #WIN.

If I could do it over again.

I’m not sure I’d change anything I loved the taste and the simplicity of the sandwich and it was quite filling. Perhaps, subtitute the dhania with parsley and try adding some more ingredients perhaps some fried onions.

What do you think?

Beef Stir Fry with Matoke

The same day I made matoke I decided to make some beef stir fry to serve as an accompaniment.


1/4 kg beef cut into strips

4 carrots cut lengthwise into thin strips

1 bell pepper cut lengthwise

1 onion sliced


Black pepper

½ teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves

2 teaspoons of vegetable oil for frying

The trick in getting the perfect strips with the beef is to cut it while it’s still a bit cold. I had removed my meat like 20 minutes prior and I’d left it to thaw slowly on the kitchen table.

the beef strips

Heat the oil in a pan then toss in your onions, then add your salt and black pepper.

I normally don’t fry beef, since I find it to be pretty fatty by itself but since I was stir frying, I thought why not.

 Once the onions are tender, throw in the strips of beef and stir (yep stir fry) to mix it with the onion yumminess.

on to the pan

Let the strips cook for about 20 minutes stirring every 5 minutes to avoid them sticking onto the pan.The beef cooks even faster than normal since

the strips are thin.

Once it’s almost done add the remaining ingredients not forgetting the dried rosemary leaves. Stir once more then let them cook for about 5

minutes. I like when my carrots are crunchy but in case you like them tender you can cook for longer.

don’t you just love it when the food has such rich colours, yum yum

And just like that you have a scrumptious meal



I’m known to go a bit crazy when it comes to spicing the food and fortunately or unfortunately the black pepper was a bit too much in the matoke. Still loved it though. Hubby had been hesitant to eat the matoke, so he served a small portion at first (test run I guess).

He later heaped his plate (happy wife).

 The carrots were crunchy and the beef was full rosemary and black pepper goodness :-).

If I could do it over again:

 Reduce the amount of salt in the beef (told you, I go a bit crazy when seasoning is involved) O-o.

How do you cook your bananas?

From Mother in Law with Love

Some Saturdays ago we had dinner over at my other family. We usually have a great time and never leave till it’s like pretty late.

As is my mother in law’s tradition, she gave us some goodies to carry with us once we were about to head for home. This time round she gave us some unripe bananas. I saw it as a challenge since I don’t think I’d have ever thought of cooking matoke.

As I was thinking of how I’d prepare them then ‘eureka’ I remembered that my mother had prepared matoke occasionally and I think I could remember just how she used to do it.

The ingredients


A bunch of unripe bananas, around 8

Potatoes let’s say 10

A handful of carrots wedged

1 onion sliced

I whole garlic chopped

2 teaspoons of chopped ginger

1/2 bell pepper sliced lengthwise

400ml of water or stock (beef, chicken or vegetable)


Black pepper

2 tablespoons of cooking oil

First things first, peeling the bananas and potatoes. I recall that unripe bananas has some stuff which I only know their name in my mother tongue:-) that sticks on ones hands. I used to see my mum apply some cooking oil on her hands so as not to get the ‘whatchamacallit’ on her hands I faithfully did like her and peeled the bananas without a hitch “yippee”. Once everything is peeled and washed set aside and start on frying the onions.

The fried onions,garlic, ginger mixed with the salt and black pepper

Then add the carrots and bell pepper

The colours look yummy, don’t they?

I didn’t put tomatoes in this recipe since I wasn’t quite sure if they were necessary, are they?

Then add the bananas and potatoes and stir till everything is combined and cover for about 5 minutes to let the spices soak in.

You can see the black pepper on the bananas and potatoes

Then finally add in your water or stock (beef, chicken or vegetable), I used water. As for the amount, I normally measure with my eyes and I remembered that my mother used to put the water almost till the level of the bananas. Cover and let them cook over medium to low heat for about 40 minutes or until the potatoes are done.

Check the water level

You’ll wait to see the end result on my next post.

Curious Question:

Does anyone else experience the sticky stuff when peeling unripe bananas?

Scrambled Omelette?

We love having eggs for breakfast, generally because not only are they yummy but you can almost have anything with them.

Last Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty dandy and thought of making a heavy omelette with sausages and all.

frying the sausages


4 eggs

1 tomato diced

1/2 bell pepper (hoho) diced

3 sausages fried

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Oil for frying

Break the eggs in a bowl and add the salt and black pepper

Initially I had decided on 3 eggs…

Add the diced tomato and bell pepper into the bowl

At this point the sausages were already fried, so removed them from the pan and placed them on a plate lined with paper towel to soak in any excess oil and then diced them.

I used the same pan as the one I had fried the sausages in, though I reduced the oil.
I then combined everything.
At this point, hubby was of the opinion that the eggs were few and that’s how I added an extra egg and into the pan the mixture went.

Since the omelette is loaded with yummy stuff, I gave it some time in order for it to cook evenly, let’s say 5 minutes give or take 2.

look at how the sides have been raised: yummy

I’m no maestro when in it comes to turning anything be it eggs, pancakes you name it well except chapati, so I got hubby dearest ‘egg turner’ extraordinaire to do the dirty work.

hubby showing his eggs turning skills 🙂

Oh well, I think it was the flash of the camera that scared him since the egg didn’t turn quite well…

Here is the result

well in the war of egg turning, you win some and you lose some, hi hi hi

I think the 5 minutes give or take wasn’t enough since some parts of the omelette were runny and we don’t like runny eggs part of the reason it will take a while before I try and egg’s benedict recipe.

Finally the preparation was done and we were ready to dive.

Hubby has some ginger tea with this while I had a glass of cold milk (my precious)

Drum rolls: the scrambled omelette


Pretty tasty omellete, the sausages add a very delicious twist to it. In case you don’t have sausages you can try putting some chopped up brawn (very tasty) or even bacon.

If I could it over again:

Add more black pepper I didn’t quite taste it O-o

the joys and woes of placing a meal on the table