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Anything goes

You basically put all the fruits you have on hand and make a smoothie.


2 ripe bananas sliced

A handful of strawberries, hauled and sliced

3-4 grapes (i had the ones with seeds)

2 tree tomatoes

1/2 mango diced

1 cup vanilla yoghurt

Smoothies are best for quick lunches and breakfasts. They are pretty filling.

In a blender, throw in all the fruit pieces

mango slices,grapes,strawberry halves,tree tomato and bananas

Add the vanilla yoghurt.

Beautiful colours

Blend for about 3 minutes.


Smoothie 🙂


Serve chilled. Enjoy.





Mango and Tree Tomato Smoothie

A while back my loving mother in law sent my husband with some tree tomatoes/ tamarillos (matunda ya damu) . I had a mango that didn’t seem sweet and since I had some vanilla yoghurt in the fridge I decided to make a smoothie. Well with my excitement of inventing a smoothie I forgot to take photos.

So last week as I was doing my grocery shopping I saw some tree tomatoes on sale and I just had to buy.


1 ripe mango, peeled and diced

3 tree tomatoes

400ml vanilla yoghurt

In a blender add in the mangoes.

mango and yoghurt

I should mention, hubby was making the smoothie as per my directions as I was busy doing other chores, (multi tasker). So hubby dearest had even forgotten about the tree tomatoes, luckily I was quick to ask if he had added them 🙂

tree tomatoes

When making smoothies with tree tomatoes, I prefer using vanilla yoghurt, just for the sole purpose of colour change.

The colour splash is just amazing

Blend for 2 minutes and voila.

Chill in the fridge.

Smoothies are also great as a quick breakfast.



If I could do it over again:

Reduce the number of tree tomatoes to 2 or even 1 the taste completely overshadowed the mango… oh well, still tasted great.

PS. I forgot to mention, I had some strawberries like looked a bit lifeless so I asked hubby to throw them in.

So it should be strawberry, mango and tree tomato smoothie.

Quick fix: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I saw this on Laura in the kitchen and I just had to try it out. The ingredients are pretty simple and  easily accessible well except for the strawberries which at times can be hard to find.

You can make this in literary in no time since all you need to do is cut the fruits.Perfect for a quick breakfast

So in a blender add 2 ripe bananas, chopped.

Then add the halved strawberries, remember to slice off the cap. I used about 10 small to mid sized strawberries.

Then add about half a glass of yogurt. You are free to use your flavour of choice, I used strawberry flavoured yogurt. Then add about 5 tablespoons of milk,

Then blend for about 4 minutes or till all the fruits are well blended.

Add in 2 or 3 ice cubes in the blender. they not only chill the smoothie but also make it a bit frothy. However, I forgot to add them 😦

Serve in a glass and garnish with halved strawberries.


Very delicious and very filling.